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Thank you for the interest in registration and membership at Search Mumbai. Please do note that we currently serve in Mumbai. If you currently live in some other city, please send an email with your current location to We will write to you when we launch our service in your city.
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  • Searchmumbai®, the administrator and owner of the web portal, is an online business service provider and owns all the products/ website under the domain name of and the registered trademark Searchmumbai®.
  • Searchmumbai® has no involvement, and is not responsible in any manner, with the transaction between the registered client and the online customer.
  • Searchmumbai® shall only undertake online marketing of the registered clients through the website and is thereby absolved from any claims for refunds or warranties or demands or damages of every kind and nature.
  • The registered client of Searchmumbai®, having agreed to the limited liability of Searchmumbai® towards online marketing of the clients through the website, shall not hold Searchmumbai® a party to any claim or demand or penalty for deficient service of every kind and nature.
  • The registered client should be minimum 18 years of age and possess a legal authority to enter into a contract with Searchmumbai® and to use the services in accordance with all the terms & conditions mentioned herein. If the client registered with Searchmumbai® is involved in buying or selling of goods or is a provider of any service, the registered client hereby warrants that it has legal authority to enter into other binding and selling agreements for the sale or purchase of goods, and/or providing of services. The registered client also accepts that all the information supplied by the registered client to the website/domain for using the service, including and not limited to client’s name, e-mail address, complete postal address, telephone/mobile number, credit card number (if required), and that all the information about the goods and/or services is true and accurate. Searchmumbai® is not responsible for any false or inaccurate information supplied by the registered client or any representative thereof.
  • The registered client is responsible to categorise its business/ services/ goods under the proper category for the purpose of listing on and that the registered client is responsible for correct description of the listed business/ service/goods.
  • The registered client is solely responsible for ensuring that the business/ services/ goods listed by it are authorized by law, statute or the regulation governing such business or sale/purchase of goods or provision of service(s). On being discovered by the Searchmumbai® that any business or goods or services listed by the registered client that infringe or otherwise violate other party rights, including copyright, patent, trademark and right of publicity and privacy; goods that are indecent, obscene or pornographic in nature or business/services/goods which are misinterpreted or any false information has been supplied in relation thereto by the registered client, such business/service/goods shall be immediately de-listed from the website and no claim for refund shall be entertained.
  • Searchmumbai® reserves the legal rights to cancel any listing at any time, the right to prohibit or restrict access to the usage of website to anyone at any time, without any prior intimation. By registering for enlistment with Searchmumbai®, the information data provided by the registered client in respect of itself and/or business/goods/services shall get exclusive rights in all respects for the purpose of dis-paying or using the said data in any form for the purpose of online, or otherwise, marketing of the said category of business/goods/services of the registered client. These rights include but are not restricted to the right to display such information which includes data, text, photographs, drawings, sound recordings, feedback, and any other information supplied by the registered client in relation to the listing on
  • These terms and conditions and the relationship between the registered client and Searchmumbai® shall be governed by the laws of the state of Maharashtra without regard to its conflict of law provisions.